Milano Pizza Franchise




Milano Pizza – A franchise with a difference

Milano Pizza offers you the chance of a business franchise which is based on a solid foundation. Join us to experience the freedom of running your own business.

Here at Milano Pizza we understand the dream of running your own franchise and our aim is to help you achieve that goal. Our brand is modern, innovative and impressive and has all the hallmarks of a profitable business – one which has a longstanding background and a big future.

We offer you a successful franchise model which has already made huge strides in the franchise world and we have a track record which highlights where we have been and where we are going. We can give you access to this solid business without having to invest in a big brand – cutting your investment, but still achieving the same results.

Milano Pizza still has plenty of opportunities across the UK, giving you the chance to get in at ground level and grow as we do.

Milano Pizza operates on a “quick service” model and we fully understand how this niche service sector works. Additionally, we know that your area has potential in terms of a waiting audience – waiting to be unlocked and grown.

Did you know that in 2011, more than 70% of people in the UK purchased a pizza and the average person spends an incredible £110 per month on average in restaurants where the service is quick and simple. This amounts to more than £1300 per year – we want you to get a slice of that action!

We can use our experience in quick service restaurants to show you how to cut yourself an even larger slice of the pizza pie. We use the latest innovative technology and marketing to evaluate your area and along with your effort, we use this to achieve impressive sales. In fact, we expect that you can be producing a turnover in excess of £500,000 each year from just one business unit. Imagine what the rewards could be if you have multiple units in your city?

What do we offer?

We have a track record in this sector and offer experience which is invaluable. You will receive all the help you need to open your own restaurant and could be serving your very first customer within weeks. You will also have a dedicated manager who will oversee everything and will be there for advice whenever you need it.

Our starter pack is the first step on your path to success. It includes:

  • Advice on selecting a site
  • A shop design consultation and shop fitting project management
  • Signage and branding for your shop
  • Uniforms for staff
  • Marketing to get you started
  • Graphics for interior displays
  • Your starting stock

Full kitchen equipment including ovens, freezers, tables for preparation, mixers, extraction fans, electronic tills and software, pizza pans and delivery bags.
Full training is offered including how to run your kitchen and prepare the food, how to market your business and all the admin skills training you need.

We also give you a full operations training manual which contains the Intellectual Property and Company Operating Systems for Milano Pizza.

One-to-one support

Milano Pizza will provide you with a dedicated support manager who will be there throughout your opening day and the marketing launch. Further support is offered when it comes to site selection, negotiating your lease, advertising and press releases for your launch, the shop design and layout advice and project management of your fitting. We even offer staff recruitment advice and help.

Even after your doors have opened we are still there to offer advice for as long as you operate your now successful business. We want to offer best practice advice, but we won’t take over. How you run your business is up to you, but the experience we have and that of our other franchisees is always there for you to take advantage of.

Milano Pizza is an active community of franchisees who support each other and we hope that you can also become part of this vibrant and exciting group of creative and successful business owners.

Contact us now for more information and to answer any of your questions. Just complete the contact form and we will be in touch.